Korean Skincare Inspired 6step-Skincare.


Dear readers, I thank you all for still sticking with me till the end even though I do not post so often. 

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Coming back to the skincare regime, I have been using this skincare routine for the past 3 months. I highly recommend these following products for OILY/COMBINATION SKIN for summers.


STEP 1: Removing Makeup.

I personally DON’T use any base makeup such as concealers or foundation, just waterproof mascara, eyeliner and tinted lip balm is good enough for the heat.

But you still need a good makeup remover no matter what the case, Many girls complain about waterproof mascara. “It doesn’t come off easily, It is very hard to remove.” But its just the case of using the RIGHT remover.


This is a total bomb!

Maybelline New York, clean express Total Clean Eye and Lip makeup remover.

I highly recommend this from the bottom of my heart, masacara, eyeshadow , eyeliner just everything comes off at the blink of an eye.

For those with base makeup, I suggest you use Extra Virgin Olive Oil to remove your makeup, oils are VERY good even for oily skin. (but always make sure to do some research on the types of oil which are good for you and those which can cause harm)

STEP 2: Cleanse

It is very important to invest on a good face wash, “what? its just washing your face… why spend so much money?” Do not forget, the cleansers are the main step for skincare, if you still have dirt in your pores and use your moisturizer on top of that then, VOILA! Pimple next day.


Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore cleansing Foam

This face wash is SO GOOD that I am actually willing to splurge all my money on this! It contains Volcanic ash which goes deep inside your pores and BEST PART it does not dry out your skin at all,unlike other cleansers which make your skin as dry as Sahara desert,there is still moisture left in my skin.

For Oily skin, YOU SHOULD NEVER GET RID OF ALL THE SEBUM, It is very important to keep some sebum on your skin because the more you strip your skin, the more sebum it produces. Sebum is like a natural protective layer for your skin.

STEP 3: Exfoliate 

This step is one of my favourite because my skin feels so baby soft and it really helps to get rid of acne. Exfoliating is an important process because it gets rid of dead skin cells. It also makes your skin brighter. The one I’m currently hooked onto is


Innisfree’s Wine Peeling Jelly softner

This product really helps to get rid of pimples, I use it Twice a week. Every time I use it, my relatives and friends compliment my skin and can’t stop touching it. I know, someone else’ hand on your face-VERY UNHYGIENIC but still!..


Now if y’all need moisturizer’s which are NOT greasy, do not make your skin look like a frying pan and do provide enough moisture, I highly recommend investing on good quality serums. Serums are light and amazing for Oily skin beauties as well as dry skin.IMG_20160427_184610[1]

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum.

I shall be very honest here, this Serum is SO EXPENSIVE, BUT! it is totally worth it. This particular serum from innisfree is meant to be used directly after cleansing and before toner. I personally do not use Toners regularly (please don’t bash me) but I do use Rose Water 4 times a week. (It is very good!) If you ever visit an Innisfree store, make sure to try out samples which they provide(helps in product selection).

STEP 5: Mask

Now this is very very optional but I love splurging on sheetmasks, I use it once a week to 4 times a week. Best time to use it- Evenings and at night.IMG_20160427_184622_1461763110955[1]

Tosowoong Pure Deep Sea Water Mask.

I am currently trying out different variants of sheetmasks, but my absolute love for oily/acne prone skin would be ‘Innisfree’s Tea Tree sheetmask’.

“Sheetmasks are very good for your skin, no matter how oily your face is, you should never strip the sebum off. (once again)”

STEP 6: Sleeping Masks

I highly suggest using this during the evening skincare routine as well because it might be too heavy.

An alternative for sleeping masks could be Night creams or night moisturizers to help seal all the good stuff into your pores.


Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack.

Now THIS is a lifesaver! I’m not being sponsored or anything! This particular product has white beads in the gel like cream which contain Vitamin C.

If there is any special occasion, I always use this the night before, I really feel like it controls the oil on my face which can get VERY GREASY over the night. Sometimes it looks so good that I don’t even want to wash my face in the mornings.





Aroma Essentials Products review!


Aroma Essentials Products

Hey guys! I am so sorry for being MIA and not uploading this blog regularly. Had a crazy Finals week. But this wait is surely worth it!

Introducing to y’all ‘AROMA ESSENTIALS’, this is a Cosmetic brand which has almost everything ranging from skincare to body care, and I tell you They were so kind to send me some products to try. I’ve been using these products for the past 2 weeks. Their products are chemical free, use finest natural ingredients, dermatologically tested & has not been tested on Animals.

*Pictures were taken between usage*

*Definitely a sponsored Review but all the opinions and thoughts are my own*

1. Orange Splash Face wash

Yup thats right! This facewash retails for Rs. 175/60 ml (Roughly 2.5 dollars)


Aroma Essentials Products

 I Personally enjoyed this the most! It really brightens up your skin and leaves it really fresh without getting rid of all the sebum on the face and making your skin really dry.

It has a very light citrus smell which I LOVE!!! (Essential oils)Its definitely not like ‘on the face’ type of scent. And I personally think this product would be a best seller.

This face wash does not really lather up but BOY! it does the job real well.

RATING: Definitely a 9.5 out of 10! (why 0.5? well, I’ll let you know soon in the end)


2.Clear skin Mask



Okay so this mask, I did like because my pimples dried out really well and I haven’t got a pimple since I’ve used this. It retails for Rs. 150/20 grams. (2.25 dollars)

I usually use it as a spot treatment because I don’t really have serious case of acne but Occasional once a month pimples bother me alot! I put this on at night, wake up the next day and wash it off.

I really liked this product too but the smell was SO STRONG! I mean yeah you can’t help the smell but the wonders it did is really surprising.

RATING: 8.5/10 ( Smell was strong and 0.5 will be explained later)

3. Lip scrub



Now comes the lips! I personally like the scent of this lip scrub like its spicy and tangy kind of smell but don’t be alarmed, it did not sting as much as other lip scrubs usually do in my case. It retails for Rs. 100/ 50 grams (1.5 dollars)

It does the job, like my lips feel great. I’d say its a great alternative for those other expensive lip scrubs.
RATING: 9.5/10 (0.5 explained later)


4. Multi-Vitamin Regenerating mask


Now you guys would think why am I using Anti-aging products at this age? well, I really wanted to see their skincare capability even in terms of Anti-aging as in the ladies who are a little older. It retails for Rs. 350/ 35 grams (5.25 dollars)

I gave it to one of my older relatives who has experience with anti-aging products and she said it worked okay for her. It clearly does make the skin feel tighter and refreshed and it made her skin feel relaxed so I’m sure this product hasn’t failed me either

RATING 8/10 ^^



I think this brand really has the potential and its really affordable too! Some people think the more expensive it is, the better but maybe some of these products might prove you wrong.




Ulzzang Lips with Korean tints.


Hello Friends and Family! ^^

Today I’ll be showing you guys how to create the korean ulzzang look or the ‘just bitten’ lip technique. It is very popular in South Korea and this achieves the look to bring out the inner youth in one.

All you need are 2 shades of lip tint’s or colour’s (tints are preferable as they stain the lips, very pigmented and long lasting) and a Concealer*optional.


I used Tony Moly Tint delight and PeriPera water tint

START OFF with a light pink shade of your lip colour.


As you can see, the concealer is need to conceal the outer dark parts of your lips.

THEN, Use your darker shade (I used red) in the inner parts of your lips like so:


Looks quite a mess but do not worry! Blending is all you need.

There are 2 ways of blending the two colours together to create the ombre look.
1. Smack your lips together and use your fingertips to blend in the edges.
2. Use a sponge or a beauty blender(easier way) however the colour or stain might be soaked by the sponge and it might cause staining of the sponge too.

*You can also top it off with clear gloss to make it look moist and plump*


I used Tony Moly Tint delight and PeriPera water tint


HEY GUYS! SORRY FOR BEING SO MIA. So I’m back with a haul from this amazing website(yes amazing! was not payed to say this) called GraceandChloe



*They were also kind enough to send me some free samples*

FOR ALL THE INDIAN BEAUTIES OUT THERE WHO LOVE KOREAN COSMETICS, they deliver all over India and are a Delhi based business, Which means no more orders never arriving because of Customs! yay!

1. Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight in #Red.


This lip tint is so gorgeous ! The applicator itself is so precise! No complaints about this beauty here.

The colour pay off is on the spot! and so long lasting, you could literally eat lunch and dinner with no re-application. I’m definitely getting my hands on the other shades.

2. Peri Pera Water Tint in #Candyjuice.


LOL that’s my sister.

This Tint is so pretty but I’d prefer the other shades, Candy juice is a very light tint but the colour pay off is also really good (Korean beauty products never fail me).

3. The Face shop Mini pet series Hand Cream #WhiteFloral.


Now ain’t this CUTE!

This hand cream has a strong Daphne flower undertone to it and it moisturizes very well! Even for summers! Its not too thick nor too thin.

4. Last but not the least, SHEETMASK!


If you know me, you would definitely know that I legit hoard Sheetmasks.

I got White seed Brightening mask from the Faceshop.

Pure Deep Sea Water Mask from Tosowoong.

& Beautyberry from Skinfood.

Overall I am very satisfied with this website, They have free shipping for orders above Rs.1500 AND they are so Friendly(not even kidding) and they were kind enough to provide COD (which they don’t), in which case the Lady came over and gave me the products.

*They also give you free samples to try out*

I highly recommend this website more than Amazon.in (itsmuch more cheaper) and once again,


Mini Weekend Haul


So I legit just came back home now from shopping at Khan market and I bought some goodies that I wanted to share with you guys!


(Green tea, Bamboo, 2XLime, 2Xstrawberry and 4X tea tree)

Firstly I had to go to Innisfree no matter what cause SHEETMASKS(Rs. 100 each)! and some other stuff here and there. So I went ahead and got 10 sheet masks and 1 capsule mask (Seaweed-Rs.170).

Now the big surprise! I have been shopping at Innisfree alot and I also have a membership card. Unbelievably in 8 months of constant shopping I have a VIP membership now and hence, I got a very pleasant welcome gift from Innisfree.


The Innisfree Daphne blossom Body cleanser and body lotion which retails for Rs. 2050 together and a really adorable snow globe.


I headed off to NewU which is basically like Walmart or Target for Cosmetics and got some products here and there.


The beauty formula’s Deep cleansing Facial wipes (Rs. 200) and Oil control tissues (blotting paper-Rs. 225)
From Kara, I got Refreshing facial wipes with mint oil and Aloe(Rs. 40).

Hope y’all liked what all I got, if you want me to review any of these products Comment down below!



INNISFREE Wine Peeling Jelly Softner.


Hello Everybody! Today I will be reviewing Innisfree’s Wine peeling Jelly softner.


Enriched with wine extracts from France. Wine creates a clear and smooth jelly-like skin by gently lifting away dead skin cells and providing hydrating moisture.


  • After cleansing , pour appropriate amount onto the cotton pad and gently sweep off entire face avoiding the eye and lip area.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water or refine with toner when dead skin cells start to peel off with natural cellulose.


First of all, Hats off to Innisfree once again! Their products never fail me for some reason. The first time I tried this was when I visited their Khan market store in Delhi, and received some free samples (9 samples!). As soon as I tried it, I couldn’t see any instant result but oh boy, I had 4 samples of this and I used them Twice-a-week. This product really helped me with my acne scars and skin discoloration. It is the type of item where in you see the results with constant use.


The product is clear and translucent. It has a strong alcoholic smell but Surprisingly it does not dry out my skin at all! I have oily-combination skin but I do need moisture, stripping the oil off of your skin is the worst ever!

It is quite moisturizing but not SO heavy that I feel like a grease pan.

The directions say to use cotton pad but I feel the hands work well enough.



  • As soon as you start massaging the product onto your face, you can see tiny balls form up. At first it seems as though your skin is peeling off but mostly it is the natural cellulose which forms into a ball as you roll the product around.


*Looks disgusting I must admit*

These balls are the exfoliators and do a really good job. I am so glad Innisfree gives free samples to try out otherwise I wouldn’t be aware of this amazing item.

PRICE: Rs.900/180ml or 12 Dollars

Quite a fair price for something which would last for more than 6 months.


Every Innisfree store that I’ve visited has this and you can also buy their products online.


1. Khan Market, Shop No. 46B, Ground Floor, New Delhi 01143521024

2. DLF Promenade, Shop No. 230, First Floor, Vasant Kunj, Delhi +919953597717

3. Galleria Market, SG-12, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon 0124-4387809

Website: http://www.innisfreeworld.com/main/index.do ( worldwide shipping)



Gold-Bronze Rosy makeup.

Hey guys! so today I will show you a very casual ‘Date’ look or evening hangout look which is very easy to achieve.

*Lemme know if y’all like this kinda posts*

This look will emphasize the eyes and the lips more than your base.It’s all about shimmering eyes and bright lippy!



  • Using the sellotape trick, Use a sheer shimmering gold eyeshadow on your eyelid.
  • Make sure they are even.
  • Using a dark brown contour shade, Enhance the sides of your eyes giving a cat eye flick.


*If you feel the contour is a bit too dark, just top off with a little more of your gold eyeshadow, make sure to line under your eyes with the same brown shadow, this will give a 3D effect.


  • The eyeliner can be the classic cat-eye look OR, You can just extend the line a bit downwards to give the illusion for a bigger eye, this technique is great for hooded eyes.


  • Top it off with some Mascara and your eyes are done.



The lippy can be a bright pink, red or why not mix them up? Try out this new trend called the ‘Just bitten lips’ or the ‘Ulzzang lips’

  • Conceal your lips with a concealer.
  • Use a bright shade of pink on your lips
  • Then using a darker shade of your choice, maybe dark pink or red, Use it in the innermost layer of your lip. Like the innermost parts of your lips.



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