Mini Weekend Haul


So I legit just came back home now from shopping at Khan market and I bought some goodies that I wanted to share with you guys!


(Green tea, Bamboo, 2XLime, 2Xstrawberry and 4X tea tree)

Firstly I had to go to Innisfree no matter what cause SHEETMASKS(Rs. 100 each)! and some other stuff here and there. So I went ahead and got 10 sheet masks and 1 capsule mask (Seaweed-Rs.170).

Now the big surprise! I have been shopping at Innisfree alot and I also have a membership card. Unbelievably in 8 months of constant shopping I have a VIP membership now and hence, I got a very pleasant welcome gift from Innisfree.


The Innisfree Daphne blossom Body cleanser and body lotion which retails for Rs. 2050 together and a really adorable snow globe.


I headed off to NewU which is basically like Walmart or Target for Cosmetics and got some products here and there.


The beauty formula’s Deep cleansing Facial wipes (Rs. 200) and Oil control tissues (blotting paper-Rs. 225)
From Kara, I got Refreshing facial wipes with mint oil and Aloe(Rs. 40).

Hope y’all liked what all I got, if you want me to review any of these products Comment down below!




One comment

  1. mylifeasishan · February 27, 2016

    Nice haul


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